Landscape photography

Copyrights to Landscape Photos: $25
In addition to booking photo shoots for portraits, etc., you can also purchase the copyrights to my landscape photography as well. Landscape photographs look great as prints with a matte and frame or as a canvas or on some other form of media (wood, aluminum, glass, etc.) The cost is $25 per copyright. If you are interested in purchasing a copyright(s), head over to the contact page and let us know which photograph(s) you're interested in. Once we have received your payment, you'll receive a full resolution photograph and copyright form. Kyle Anderson Photography does not currently provide printing. You are purchasing the copyrights to the photos and not an actual print. 


Consultation Meeting: Free
Before any photos are taken a consultation meeting is required. The consultation is free. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the client's needs. Logistics, goals, and basic pricing will be discussed during our initial meeting. The following prices and packages are a starting point; our services are flexible and we are willing to work out a price and package that works for you and your needs.

Photo Sessions: $100
A photo session is the actual hands-on time taking photographs of the subject(s). The time frame for each photo session can vary from client to client. The priority is accomplishing your goals as set out in the consultation meeting. There is one flat rate for all photo sessions up to three (3) hours. For special requests, long distance travel, or if more than three (3) hours is required, additional costs may be associated.



Photo Packages: (Prices listed below)
You will receive high resolution, digital photographs via disk. Kyle Anderson Photography does not provide printing at this time; clients receive the copyright to all of the photographs they purchase, should they choose to make prints on their own. Clients will have the opportunity to choose which photographs they would like to purchase prior to choosing a photo package. This can be done either in person or via email. The following photo packages are offered:

Standard Photo Package (10 photos): $50
Large Photo Package (20 photos): $100
A la Carte: $10 per photo